Nutraceutical applications of Saberry®

Saberry® has significant potential in the following applications
Antioxidant / anti-aging

Saberry® exhibits significant antioxidant activity and is “ORAC Dense”. Literature reports validate
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Digestive aid

Amla fruit has been traditionally used as a digestive aid in India. It also forms an important
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Anti-diabetic potential

Suryanaraya et al., 2004 investigated the beneficial role of amla extract in diabetes induced complications
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Hepatoprotectant potential

Amla is used in Indian system of medicine for the treatment of liver ailments. Emblica officinalis has the potential
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Dosage form and suggested use level

Saberry® can be used in the form of capsules, tablets or incorporated in functional foods. Saberry®, being water soluble, can also be conveniently incorporated into various beverages. Saberry® also finds interesting applications in

Fruit juices
Citrus-based beverages
Noodle flavor packs
Dusting flavors for products like chips, wafers, cashewnuts, peanuts etc.

Depending on the intended use, we suggest that Saberry® be used at levels ranging from 200 mg to 1000 mg per day in two divided doses.

Saberry® also finds interesting applications in
Instant iced tea with Saberry®
Ingredients Percentage
Sweetener 0.24/90.00
Instant tea 1.50
Green tea 0.10
Maltodextrin 4.10
Citric acid 0.70
Malic acid 0.50
Tri-sodium citrate 0.30
Flavour 0.30
Saberry® 2.50

Add 8 gms in 100ml chilled water and serve. Each serving provides 200 mg of Saberry® extract.